Student Name : Awani Bhagwat (MVC.NET Training)

I am just sharing my personal experience with this academy. In this academy I am taking training of MVC.Net. Here you will get training as well as practical hands on. The trainer is highly experienced and really good. Her way of teaching is easy to understand. She is very dedicated and take efforts to make you understand the concept. If you really want to go for training , please refer this academy, they will give you all types of help- not just the training and practical knowledge but also they help you to solve coding issues personally and in case of job hunting if you need something like counselling etc they are ready for that. They are even ready to teach in flexible time. Fresher or experienced or any one who really want to learn technology or basics go for this academy.

Student Name : Sarita Rao (Basic Computer Training)

"Best training Institute ever seen. I have joined my mother to get basic computer training. Trainer Tushar has given lot of attention to my mother and provided training on each topic more than three times. I feel teaching to children and to an aged people is difficult as it need patience to make them understand. Now my mother is able to access social networking sites and manage computer by her own. Its only because of Scom IT academy. I would recommend this academy as trainers show individual attention to everyone and provide quality training. "

Student Name : Swati Bhojkar (ASP.NET, MVC.NET)

First of all I would like to thank you "Scom IT Academy" for everything. When I came to know about Scom IT Academy, honestly I didn't have much idea at that time and was looking for job. So I thought it would be a better option to join here and get some knowledge about languages and few interviews, which would be a big thing for me. The main thing is that all the syllabus are covered up in a proper manner with each and every topic practicles. They also provided me for soft skills training such as they bulid my confidence, tips to how to prepare for an interview are also undertaken.. Over all environment in Scom IT Academy is very friendly and the best thing about this place is that anytime we can go and clear our doubts. I really thank you for Scom Academy trainers. Thank you so much "Scom Academy" for making my carrer.

Student Name : Nitin Dubey (MVC.NET and AngularJS)

"I took .Net MVC and Angular JS classes from this institute and appreciate the level of knowledge trainer has in her field. They made me work more on practical scenarios which really cleared lot of concepts. Good Job Guys "

Student Name : Sonal Malviya(MVC.NET)

"Best Training Institute ever seen. Must go and learn MVC.NET from Dubey Madam, She is experienced IT professional and have deep knowledge in .NET, Her way of teaching is awesome, She explained each and every topics deeply. After completion of one topic she post all related interview questions and answers. She prepared me for an interview and given me deep knowledge in MVC.NET. Now I am able to work on MVC.NET project and can solve any issue as my concepts are very clear. Thanks for Scom IT Academy.Highly recommended class in Pune. "

Student Name : Tushar Shrivastava(MVC.NET)

"I was working in Asp.Net web forms and needed MVC training as it is growing in the market after searching so many academies and attended Demo sessions i found this Academy in Keshav nagar which was freshly opened but after attending the first few lectures free of cost i gained the confidence in the trainer. Swapnil Madam has cleared all my doubts in MVC and C#, the best part is she not only taught me the deep concepts of any topic but also taught me to execute the same thing in different ways. I would recommend Scom IT to every body specially for the Dot net MVC training, so guys stop wasting time to find other institutes just visit SCOM IT "